My Accent

I used to be radio disk jockey.
Before that, I had a strong mid-western twang, but then I taught myself to sound like someone on the radio. So, I’m not surprised that I have this accent.

Which American accent do you have?
Take the quiz and comment with your results.

Thanks to Brian for this one.

Brian Atkinson

Brian is an international and inspirational speaker, consultant, and voice artist. Brian has served as the Director of Digital Communications at American Bible Society, and the Director of Digital Media at The Bible Gateway (Gospel Communications International). He has worked as a communications director, technology manager, church-planter, radio announcer, welder, and ice cream man. He has a lot of t-shirts.

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6 comments on “My Accent
  1. Avatar Jessica says:

    i too have a midland accent… clearly the best accent one can have!

  2. Avatar adam says:

    Huh. I have a “Northern” Accent. Fitting.

  3. Avatar Anonymous says:

    I have the “almost Canadian” accent.

  4. Avatar DavidK says:

    I have a Northern accent. Not a surprise there….

  5. Avatar Brenda says:

    I have an “almost Canadian” accent which is annoying, since I am Canadian (not American as the quiz assumes)

  6. Avatar Chele says:

    I have a good ole Southern accent, y’all. =)