1977 was not for the faint of heart

Thanks to the plethora of people who emailed me the pictures and captions for this one. Steve gets extra points for sending me a link to the blog where it started about a month ago and deciding that he wouldn’t clog the internet with pictures. Nice going Steve! Please note that if you follow any of the links below the comments contain a bad word. It’s a bad word that appears in the bible on several occasions and refers to a donkey. If you don’t like that word, please don’t click on the links. There are some other words that lots of people object to. Some of them actually written out and others with cleverly placed characters in place of some of the letters so that you don’t have to read the complete w*rd. I normally wouldn’t link to a page that contained those words – but these are too good to pass up. I’ll make my own snarky comments below about some of the pictures.

Strap in, shut up and hold on. We’re going back. Yes, it’s a collection of snappy comments about the JCPenney 1977 Summer catalog.

Here’s a picture of me at age 10. Shoes to match the belt were available on page 478.

Here’s a guy who went to my church standing next to Scott Bakula (from Quantum Leap and Star Trek – Enterprise)

Then there is a series of matching outfits for couples. I’ll have to discuss that with Sylvia before I invent a time machine and buy them for us. Mmmmm… but Christmas is just around the corner. What a nice surprise they would make!

Finally, this is actually me on my first day of kindergarten in 1972. That’s a luggage tag on my shirt-zipper just in case I got lost. Please note the fancy navy blue socks with the sneakers and my left hand in a jaunty pose. Clearly, by the position of my feet in the imaginary starter’s blocks – I’m raring to go.

Ready… aim… fire!

2 Replies to “1977 was not for the faint of heart”

  1. I quite possibly might die laughing right now (at the photo of you from ’72). Too funny. Oh man. Ok. I will settle down now.

    It was great to meet you at the ACSI EE conference in MN a few weeks ago. Good times.

    I just noticed that your interests include saxophone and electric bass. Ironically, I also play saxophone and electric bass. Weirdness. I also like bowling and frisbee, but that’s another story.

    Feel free to browse my not-so-impressive blog if you wish.

    We don’t live near one another, but we can be cyber-friends at least.

    One last thing. Don’t you hate it when people put a double break between like every sentence on their comment so it ends up unnecessarily being like a mile long?

    I hate that.

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