The 40 Year Old Popcorn

Saturday, my friends Morgan, Jeff and Sarah joined me at the movies for “The 40 Year Old Virgin.” This is not a movie for everyone and it’s rated “R” for a reason. But it is DANG-FUNNY.

40 Year Old Virgin

Lately movie theaters have taken to popping their popcorn in advance, filling bags and putting them in a cabinet until later. Now, I don’t know if they just forgot to rotate their stock or they intentionally gave me popcorn that was from 1965, but that stuff was nasty. It was fine for the first 1/3 of the bag and then… ICK!

Cinemark at Rivertown – you get the finger.

Seriously, I’m not going to leave the movie and get a “free refill”.

Fortunately my Mr. Pibb was enough to wash the taste away.

Oh – and if you are going to see Steve Carrell in this masterpiece. Go rent “Hair” first, so you will really appreciate the ending credits.

maybe it’s just me…

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  1. Amy and I went to see The 40-Year Old Virgin today… As much as I love Steve Carrell (and boy, do I!), I just didn’t dig this one that much.

    It had some funny, funny moments for sure, but man, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard so much swearing! That and the explicit talk was hard to listen to after awhile… but there was enough subtle humor to keep me watching till the end. Barely.

    I wish they could make a movie like this without going overboard with the “f” word, and all the other foul stuff. It’d be a dang funny movie even without it – I think it cheapens the humor when they have to resort to shock value to get a laugh!

    Brian, it almost moved me to violence. Almost. Had you been sitting next to me in the theater, laughing at my discomfort, I’m sure it would have!

    Oh, and thanks to your blog, we ate our popcorn with great trepidation once we were 1/3 of the way into the bag…

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