Are you paying attention?

Test your visual acuity with this simple video test:

Today is Good Friday – it’s a day that we post-modern, millennial, post-literate Christians tend to overlook when we’re not looking for it. We tend to miss the miracle that’s just around the corner. If it’s never been explained to you before, I’m going to take a really quick crack at this.

Jesus, who lived not just a good life, but a perfect life, died. He died in the most horrible way that the most brutal culture ever to walk the planet could imagine. Then, after he was buried for a couple of days, he got up and walked out of his tomb. No one ever did that before, and no one has done it since. Afterwards he ate and drank with his friends, thousands of people witnessed him walking around living and breathing. He’s still alive right now. The best and worst part of this for me was that he did it on purpose. He knew that because of the rules of the universe, someone had to put things right between us (me) and God. The only way to do that was through a sacrifice like this. His act of selfless love tore down the wall between me (us) and God and now we can live directly with him in our lives, without fear. Today is Friday when we remember his death, his sacrifice, and the huge pileup of everything we’ve ever done against each other, ourselves, and against God. On Sunday, we’ll remember that in one moment everything changed.

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.

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One Reply to “Are you paying attention?”

  1. I get the connection between the video and the post. Like, intellectually I understand it. OK, fine.

    I’m disturbed by the fact that I missed the moon-walking bear. That bothers me.

    I’m even more disturbed though that after reading your explanation of the #1 most important event in the history of history, I was still thinking about the fact that I missed the bear. That must make me some sort of nut-job.


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