Author: Brian Atkinson
Brian Atkinson is a comedian, voice actor, MC, and former radio personality. His sharp, smart comedic style has been a hit at clubs, corporate events, and festivals across the country including Bonkerz, Dr. Grins, Sunday Night Funnies, Punchlines and Gilda’s Laugh Fest. You can find his audio books on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Brian and his lovely wife Holly live in Grand Rapids and he has a lot of t-shirts.

Distracted by Math

I recently spoke at my own church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As the church is preparing a new outreach to college students in the Fall, the pastor and I talked about the need for the church get a handle on

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Why I Don’t Like Much

Why I don't Like Anything

If you follow me on facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t like those pictures of sad-eyed kids or lonely American soldiers. But why not?

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Get Personal


What makes one Facebook page better than another one? Is it the nature or the tone of their content?

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Social Media Warning

Susceptibility Virus Warning

Warning Social Media users – there is a new threat to your personal security and it is being perpetrated on Facebook as well as other social media like Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. The posted virus can infect Windows and Mac

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Social Media Shortcuts

@ is for Atkinson

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to navigate through my programs using my keyboard as much as possible. The keyboard shortcuts for Undo (cmd+z) cut (cmd+x) copy (cmd+c) paste (cmd+v) and my favorite “Select All” (cmd+a) are indispensable

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Social Media and the FTC

FTC .com Disclosures

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has been governing online advertising on the web and email for years, but as of early March, 2013, the FTC includes governance for social media and mobile technology. How will this effect your employees?

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Audience Engagement

Facebook Insights 13,500% increase

When a Facebook page has been lying dormant for a time, it’s important to start providing content to engage the audience.

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Pioneers not Settlers

Settler's broken wagon wheel

I just remembered a moment from my recent speaking engagement in Wyoming. This one came out kinda off the cuff.

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It’s Never Too Late

2500% increase

So, you say your social media is dead in the water? You’re getting nowhere? You don’t even know what to post or when? Take a few deep breaths and know this one key thing: It’s never too late.

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New Instagram TOS

We’ve all head the news that Instagram (recently purchased by Facebook) is updating their Terms of Service (TOS).

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Content Strategy and the News

Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Yesterday was December 14, 2012 and I spent a large portion of the day producing content for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. as commentary and encouragement regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, CT.

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Quick Wins

Quick Wins

Sometimes, just a few days can produce pretty spectacular results. Social Network Voice took over posting for one of our clients for one week to cover a staffer’s vacation time. After just a few days, we can already see a

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Why You Need A Strategy

strategy button

Over the last 20 years of talking to people about their technology, the web (interwebz), and now social networking and social media, I’ve heard the following statement too many times: “Let’s just get started, we can do the strategy thing

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Building a Business

the people's eyebrow

I’m in a totally new world for me. I’m building a business. So, I’m trying to read and listen to everything I can about doing that and the advice is all over the place. I’ve been doing the work, I’m

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1 Billion

Map of Facebook users showing percentages

Today, there are more people on Facebook, than there were on the planet 200 years ago. Here are the facts about that.

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Relational Messaging

social media post volume

My favorite way to help people connect to your brand is through relational messaging. For some organizations this is difficult, because you have to consistently care about your audience. I mean really, really care. You must provide them with the

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Doing Ministry Online

The Dog

Most anyone who works in Christian Ministry thinks about one of a couple of things: ministry in the church, or some kind of boots-on-the-ground international missionary work. Those are of course a bit limiting, especially as it doesn’t take into

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Social Networking Content Strategy

We Make Sense

Let’s talk about your social networking content strategy.The key to any successful venture in social media, social networking and any digital endeavor is relevancy. You’re either providing content relevant to your audience, or you need to figure out what they

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Your Social Networking Circles

Social circles help determine where to spend your time

Are you approaching your social networking circles strategically? (social networking introverts move along…) Most of us have Facebook friends by now and the Pew Internet & American Life Project estimates we average 229 of them.

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What’s your super power?

super powers

I recently read Noah Kagan’s blog post “Why I got Fired from Facebook (a $100 Million dollar lesson)“. It’s a great refelection on lessons learned from that experience, and one line in particular caught my eye.

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Everyone is Irish

On March 17 everyone gets to claim their Irish heritage, no matter how fictitious.

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Pi Day

Each March 13 (3.14) I find it a moral imperative to celebrate Pi day with Pie! This year, I made pie!

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Genius part 2

And if you have a French toast bagel, and bacon, and eggs, and cheese…

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Two Words

Two words: “Genius”!

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Kony 2012

Total misunderstanding! I’ve heard about this Kony thing but finally got around to figuring out what’s up. Misspelling there made all the difference!

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For the record

For the record, you can indeed freeze gumbo.

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Clip Clop

So much food

I haven’t posted on this blog in what seems like forever. It’s not that I’ve stopped eating, heavens no. It’s a matter of what to post. Today I drove out to Blue Ball, PA and hit the Smorgasbord at Shady

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Let’s Get Some Chinese

Han Dynasty

I’ve lived in the Philadelphia area for about 2 1/2 years. I have yet to find any really great Chinese food. That is until now.

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Mmmm… burger

Burger and Fries

Don’t you just love a good burger? I know I do!

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Aeropress coffee maker

I got one of these Aeropress coffee makers for Christmas. I’ve been practicing and playing around with the process and amount of coffee for a few months, and I think I’ve really got it just right now.

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clean plate club

Mmmmmm dinner time! My very dear friend and land-lady Melissa made a quick hodge-podge of dinner happiness. Pierogies with onions and sour cream, fish sticks with tartar sauce, carrots, onions, mushrooms and Brussels sprouts. The hardest thing for Melissa to

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Tiny Food

I recently had a late dinner special at a little pub. Little being the operative word here. Not only was the room small, so was the food. This “Petite Filet” came with an itty-bitty potato and snow peas. The Steak

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Food Challenge Fail

3 Massive Pancakes

I’ve hardly blogged since moving to the Philadelphia area and starting my new job, and bemoaning that fact recently inspired me to eat something I shouldn’t have. 3 pancakes! I know – three pancakes doesn’t sound like a big deal,

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Part of this nutritious breakfast

Texas! Part of this nutritious breakfast That’s right – Texas! An important part of this nutritious breakfast. The Residence Inn, Austin has been great so far. An easy walk to the Paramount Theater for the Q conference, and it’s got

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Foreign Language Skills

Russian Guy

Things I’d like to know how to say in a foreign language, like Russian: We’re in silent attack mode! I will be your friend. I am dangerous. Ha! I have your lawn chair! There are 10 cars parked here. 9

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I Kin Do It

So my plane was stuck on the approach to the runway in Philadelphia – number 23 for departure… I’m on my way to BibleTech in Seattle. My flights are scheduled to go from PHL to Dulles, to Seattle. That’s two

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tall lasagna

tall lasagna I’m not kidding, this thing is huge. A recent business dinner brought a party of 7 to Maggianos for family style dining. One of the pasta choices was Mom’s Lasagna. Will you just look at the height? It

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Why You Are Fat

Another food blog has taken up the challenge. Thanks to my friend Rob for pointing the way. Some awesome samples…The Mega-Stuff Oreo Corn Dog Pizza And my new favorite….The Double Bacon Hamburger Fatty Melt And this time I can prove

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breakfast in bed

breakfast in bed Honestly!You know how in The Sound of Music, Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews are realizing that they are in love and they sing, “I Must Have Done Something Good”? Well that’s how I feel. However, that might

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shrimp po boy

shrimp po boy The Shrimp Po Boy is a bunch of fried shrimp on a roll. Sounds simple? You’d think so, but the location of the really good shrimp po boys is hotly contested. This particular po boy came from

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Chumble Spuzz

My friend D’Arcy sent me this blog post about learning English as a second language and using children’s blocks to illustrate the language. Everything starts out innocently enough: And moves on to some interesting translations: Then a little stranger:Where’s your

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