Bank On It

My Credit Union (bank) does a monthly newsletter. It usually is awful. This month it rocked.

1) They provided the phone number and web site for the Opt-out of credit card offers mailed to your home.
Do this and do it now!
You have to provide your SSN, but that’s because the three credit reporting agencies sell their lists and you are known by your SSN which provides your credit report. The opt-out process flags your information so they can’t sell it.

2) They provided the phone number and web address to get your free credit reports.
This is the real address – don’t make any typos or use the stuff you find in pop-up ads. Those are scams and are a quick way to go down the road to identity theft.
You should do this at least a couple of times a year and keep your report up-to-date.

3) They provided a whole FBI fraud alert article.
It really gives you the heads-up on common scams to avoid and what to watch out for when trying to deposit a check that might come from a scam.

Way to go!

Last night I ate a sampler platter of evil at Damon’s.
This sucker had skins, cheese sticks, onion strings, wings, and ribs.
Glorious… simply glorious.

maybe it’s just me?

PS – it’s my birthday today

Brian Atkinson

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