betty’s batter better

My contribution to an upcoming dining event is a cake.
I make this really good cake with a boxed cake mix and some pudding. It’s really good. It came out of the oven a few minutes ago and yes, I licked the beaters. I licked the spatula and the bowl.

I think if they made cake batter in a tube this good, I would eat it directly from the tube.

Have you ever noticed that everyone calls that rubber-headed scraper thing a “spatula”? Truthfully, it’s a rubber-scraper. A “spatula” is in fact the flipper-ooni thing you use to turn over hamburgers or eggs. I however, will continue to use the word “spatula” incorrectly until the rest of the world ceases the following:
Prevent-A-tive – It’s really preventive.
Orient-A-ted – It’s really oriented.
Meijer’s – It’s just Meijer.
and the rare, but still completely annoying:

I am willing to kill for less.

maybe it’s just me?

4 Replies to “betty’s batter better”

  1. (Obligitory Simpson’s quote) “Spatula City! spatula city. Spatula CITY!”

    The one that really annoys me? “A whole nother”. GRRRRR!

  2. Now, I remember that Home-Ec teacher in junior high was insistent that the rubber scraper thingie really is called a “spatula”, while the flat doobie used for pancake and burger flippin’ is called a “turner”.
    But that was in Indiana, maybe things are different in Michigan.

  3. yeah, but “irregardless” of that, I noticed that you’re making up words too *heh* I personally liked “flipper-ooni” :)

    Oh, and the “Spatula City” quote actually comes from the movie “UHF”, starring Wierd Al Yankovic – along with other classic moments such as “Wheel of Fish”, and getting to drink from the fire hose! A classic and funny movie – well worth watching when you’re in a silly mood at some point :)

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