My Credit Union (bank) does a monthly newsletter. It usually is awful. This month it rocked. 1) They provided the phone number and web site for the Opt-out of credit card offers mailed to your home.

Every 4th of July, for several years, I’ve gone to the Graafschaap (just south of Holland, MI) volunteer fire dept. pancake breakfast fundraiser. It’s pancakes, sausage, butter, syrup, nasty orange juice, and milk (2% or chocolate).

Man!Sometimes I’m completely overwhelmed by the craving for a good (bad) sugar-cereal. Boo-berry (a cousin to Count Chocula)Quisp (haven’t seen this one in years)Frosted FlakesCocoa CrispiesCap’n Crunch – Crunch Berriesand the High Exaulted Poo-bah of them all…Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch …

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