Breakfast Cereal

Sometimes I’m completely overwhelmed by the craving for a good (bad) sugar-cereal.

Boo-berry (a cousin to Count Chocula)
Quisp (haven’t seen this one in years)
Frosted Flakes
Cocoa Crispies
Cap’n Crunch – Crunch Berries
and the High Exaulted Poo-bah of them all…
Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch

Saturday morning cartoons, a big bowl, a gallon of milk and a coke-slurpee if you can get one. Add to that some Wonder Bread and I’m set for the day.

maybe it’s just me…

One Reply to “Breakfast Cereal”

  1. ah–but quisp is back! chris lemke brought a box into the studio not two months ago.

    as for the others, i loved count chocula as a kid, mixed with bran. in fact i thought it was an odd combination, but i assumed that’s how it came. i was shocked to find out the cereal is mostly sugar.

    i can thank my dad for the odd combo.

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