First of all, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything and that’s not because I haven’t been eating – oh no. I’ve just been very busy…

  • Getting a new job
  • Moving to the Philadelphia suburbs
  • Getting engaged to Sylvia

I’ve been working hard and eating at home or at my desk a whole lot. But today at lunch TJ brought me over to Five Guys. It’s the East’s answer to In-N-Out.

Great burgers, fresh toppings, Bay’s seasoning on the fries and Coke at the fountain.

This particular Five Guys is in a strip-mall, just about a mile from my office, and now I have a fun place to go for lunch from time to time.

One note – there are free peanuts in the shell available for munching. They are not roasted. They are raw peanuts. That is just wrong.

… maybe it’s just me.

3 Replies to “Burgeriffic”

  1. We are getting a Five Guys here! I was wondering if they would be any good. Thanks for the recommendation. Sweet!

  2. So, thanks to your post, Chele and I went to 5 Guys for lunch yesterday.

    Our peanuts were roasted. Chele says either your store is wrong, or you don’t know peanuts.

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