Caramel… everything and a Hot Dog

Saturday night I went to an unofficial Christmas party with a few friends. Everyone brought something to share, I brought vegetables. (I know… what was I thinking? – seriously, I really try to bring healthy snacks whenever I can.)

The hosts provided some spicy Hawiian meatballs, candy, and other people brought taco dip and other salty-snacks. New to me was what I have since learned is called “Caramel Delight”, but at the time I called “Caramel Everything”. It was caramel popcorn with pretzels, chex cereal, and pecans. Oh sweet crunchy goodness! So much for my attempt at weight loss.

Meet Walter
In case you’re not in the loop, I have been looking for a dog to adopt. Sorry Mom, you’ll have to settle for being a grandmother to another pet.
I’m headed to Gulfport to visit my family for Christmas, and then picking up Walter on the way back from the Lansing airport. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. I’ve purchased the requisite dog bowls, a couple of toys, a bed and the breeder is providing a kennel and a bunch of other doggy things. The only thing I have yet to purchase is food. I grew up with a couple of dogs raised on Purina Dog Chow. I never knew that dog food had come so far until the breeder mentioned that she’s raised the puppy on a Raw Food diet. The web site is worth mentioning,, maybe even reading, but don’t worry BARF is an acronym. This kind of BARF is not nearly as much fun as “Barf” (Barfolemew) from Spaceballs.

maybe it’s just me…

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  1. Walter looks very cool – a Brian type of dog if ever there was one. I’m happy for both of you!

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