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Strange, peculiar, fun, and just plain wacky (or is it wackie?) things I’ve noticed, discovered, or have been sent over the years. (going back to 1995)

Have yourself a creepy little Christmas

I’ve really been thinking about a certain Christmas Carol this year – Up On The Housetop – maybe you know the one? I’ve pasted in the lyrics below for your reference. I’m really OK with the chorus. I mean, who

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Facebook wackiness

So it turns out that “Brian Atkinson” is a rather popular name, and people find me on facebook and think I’m someone else with the same name. Nothing I’ve ever had to deal with before. Here’s a recent exchange with

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I’m an occasional contributor to the “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks, as some of you may know. It’s not one of those grammar-police blogs, but a just-for-fun snarky comment blog about the inappropriate use of quotes and their funny and

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Home Improvement

The local and national news was all over this story today and I had to weigh in on it. This guy named Steve Flaig just found his birth-mother. I’m overjoyed for him and I’d love to talk to him about

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A quick Christmas list

Usually we make Christmas lists for things we want instead of things we’ve done. However, every year some people write those Christmas letters listing and describing their accomplishments for the past year. Here’s my list:1) Name changeFollowing my recent adoption

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Christmas for me

Come on you do it too!You get yourself a little something-something for Christmas don’t you? After-all, what’s the spirit of giving without making sure you get just what you want. This year I got myself some direction in life.It’s an

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Looking ahead – into the mouth of despair

It’s that time of year again. If you haven’t selected a calendar for 2008, they make great Christmas gifts.The lovely people at have their 2008 customizable calendars available and you might already know who desperately needs one of these.

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Day of the Ninja

Today is the 2007 Day of the Ninja.It’s the day when all ninjas together with non-ninjas (non-jas) gather in their normal everyday locations, in their secretive ninja attire. Don’t confuse this with Talk Like A Pirate Day which involves no

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worst moment ever

worst moment ever Maybe something like this has happened to you? Something awful happens. You’re not sure if you should tell anyone. It’s humiliating. It’s terrible. It’s hilarious. So, after a few days, you go ahead and tell everyone you

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1977 was not for the faint of heart

Thanks to the plethora of people who emailed me the pictures and captions for this one. Steve gets extra points for sending me a link to the blog where it started about a month ago and deciding that he wouldn’t

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SkyMall never lets me down

SkyMall never lets me down If you ever travel by commercial airliner, you know about SkyMall. It’s that rather thick tome in the seat pocket in front of you that hawks untold useless junk that no one should ever own.

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Normally this blog is relegated to the strange and wonderful things that I observe or that people send to me. Today I wish to depart momentarily from that format to brag about the place where I work just a bit

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DON’T CONFORM All of you! Don’t conform! Stop it right now! The Dave Ramsey booth at the Catalyst conference in Atlanta this year gave away these very popular shirts that say, “don’t conform.” They asked everyone to wear them at

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Yahoo! didn’t actually do this did they? Yes… they did.Thanks to Jonathan for the heads up! Apparently it came in a large box with a cut out for the over-sized button, and a slot for some other type of promotional

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To Halloween or not to Halloween

Each year as the end of October approaches I find myself caught up in conversations about Halloween. To some, this is a fairly innocuous day, and to others it is tantamount to selling one’s soul to the devil. Being that

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The Apocalypse starts today

The Apocalypse starts today Good news! Macy’s has cracked the biblical code and figured out that the Last Days start today and run through Sunday. Not only is it the end of time but Macy’s is also celebrating the original

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First Time

First Time I’ve had a borrowed vacuum cleaner from Jessica for the last year but today I purchased a new one. It’s one of those canister/HEPA-filter/bag-less/gyroscopic/whirlwind/tornado/hurricane types. I’ve been vacuuming semi-regularly all along, but once I put the new one

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Do you Yaaarrrr?

Avast!It’s September 19 – do you know what day it is?Talk Like a Pirate Day!Not one of the better known Hallmark Holidays, but definitely one of my favorites.And guess what? It also falls right in the middle of National Singles

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Brian this is Brian

So today my office released this video to describe my change from Brian Melles to Brian Atkinson. It was a pile of fun to shoot and produce.Big thanks to my friend Paul who manned the camera and the video editor,

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Fightin Amish

I’ve gone ahead and designed a shirt for Shirt Woot I need a bunch of people to vote for it so that the design will be selected for printing. So – vote early, vote often. Just click the shirt to

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Unfortunate sign

Unfortunate sign I’m not sure how much I need to write about this sign. Except to point out that it appeared next to the Wok-N-Roll. yeah… that’s a shame.

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Oh Baby

Baby Face Buffet

Sometimes the sign outside a restaurant tells you what’s served inside. Sometimes it doesn’t.

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going out on a limb

I’m tapping into my spiritual gift of prophesy here and calling ABC television’s Fall release “Cavemen” the worst idea for a television show ever.Based on the GEICO pitchmen… I really don’t think I need to write anything else about that

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Wasted time

5 minutes and 40 seconds of wasted time.Watch the whole thing for the lame payoff, or scroll ahead to 5:09 to watch Napoleon and Bill dance. If you make videos for trade shows, please don’t do this.

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Left behind

Special thanks this week to Randy Bonifield for his performance. And thanks to the nearly overwhelming chunk of email I received from a bunch of people. Christians – it’s OK to poke fun of ourselves, especially when we deserve it.

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A short list

Today I present this short list of random wackiness.Please note that the items in this list are a bit of a departure from the usual wackiness. They are a little blue. 1) The dumbest spam message about, um… well aren’t

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Brian Simpson

No, it’s not another name change, but a fancy gadget from Burger King and the Simpsons Movie called Simpsonize Me.Thanks to Steve and Amy for that! My take on the movie (no spoilers) – a really great episode in extended

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Garfield Zen

Reading comics with my brother Chris today, he described a Garfield randomizer with the explanation, They’re not worse [than the actual Garfield comics]. Here’s the second random one I hit: Zen

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Who’s your monkey?

Sometimes I wish I had a horde of Carnival Monkeys to do my bidding. Mostly they would respond to my email for me. I wonder what I would call them… (insert dream sequence effect and sounds here) ————- (enter Brian’s

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Things on my plate

I’ve had a few things on my plate since my last post, so here’s the update: New Plate 1) I turned 402) my birth mother adopted me3) I got a new plate for the MirthMobile Michigan decided to change out

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from-here to-there

I love google maps use them to get just about anywhere.You faithful readers may remember this post about directions to France. There was swimming involved. But what if you’d like to visit some place more exotic? What if the hum-drum

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Why I like Woot!

I like Woot It’s not just because they write such creative descriptions of the products they sell.It’s not just because the sell one thing each day and then you can’t buy it again until they come around with it again

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Giving myself the finger

This morning I emptied my dishwasher. Now if that’s not the beginning of a great story, I don’t know what is. I pulled out my Complimentary Cereal Bowl when it suddenly slipped from my grasp. I managed to grab it

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My Accent

I used to be radio disk jockey.Before that, I had a strong mid-western twang, but then I taught myself to sound like someone on the radio. So, I’m not surprised that I have this accent. Which American accent do you

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I Hate You Too YouTube

As if I weren’t already feeling a little blue today, YouTube adds salt and a twist of lemon to the wound. I’ve been posting a few videos to YouTube recently and after setting up my own YouTube site This happy

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Office I Dare You

I DARE YOUScore Keeping Special thanks to my friend Jeff for this one – some edits from me. ONE-POINT DARE 1. Run one lap around the office at top speed.2. Ignore the first five people who say ‘good morning’ to

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When Vending Machines go bad

Oh the vending machine is a curious thing.You put money in and jiggle the thing.Press a button and something comes out.Your cash for their stuff is what they’re about.I took this picture of vending machines gone bad at a rest

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Worst Animal Hospital Ever

We all get junk mail in our mailboxes. In Grand Rapids, we get a little 10 page catalog called “Grand Rapids Deals”. This periodical provides coupons for pizza, carpet cleaning, and pest control. It also has ads for local services

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Farewell Falwell

Thanks to the Wittenburg Door we have an appropriate look at the late Jerry Falwell. Too soon? I’m not even going to comment on the man himself, or his impact – but since God likely has a PERFECT sense of

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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Hurray! it’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week again! May 19-26. National Dog Bite Prevention Week Are you going to the parade?Do they have fireworks in your town?Will the Mayor give a speech? I can’t wait to open my presents!We’re having

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What’s So Funny?

A recent conversation with my brother Chris, sister in-law Michele, and their friends Alexandra and Arron led me to the notion that I’ve never really come up with what I think are the best comedies of all time. The following

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Yahoo! 404

Geek alert. unfortunate placement of yahoo ad This Wacky thing of the week contains material that may only be funny to people with an intimate knowledge of internet errors. The rest of you can read the description below, and then

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Getting Warmer

Now and then a wacky thing of the week falls out of the newspaper. This one has been forwarded around a bit already, but there are so many awful (wonderful) things about it, I scarcely know where to begin. So

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Mr. Deity

Wow.Every now and then, I’m overwhelmed by the creativity of Christian minds trying to bring certain topics into discussion.Thanks to my friend Mikey – has my attention this week.Check out this first video.And then more if you’re interested.

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Google maps have become an indispensable part of how I get around, and to be fair Mapquest (Yahoo!) has some features that make it more desirable from time to time. Sometimes I find that the directions, while practical, are not

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I spent a few days in San Francisco visiting my friends Steve and Amy, and my Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob. Steve and I took the “So I Married an Axe Murderer” tour, stopping at several of the locations used

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explain this

How do I explain this one?Let’s see, back in ’00 my friend Steve moved to San Francisco to work as a software developer. Steve and I worked together at Calvin College for a few years and Steve was instrumental in

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April Fool

Here at the wacky thing of the week, April 1 is a bit like Christmas. There’s just so many jokes you can play on people, people you love of course – keep it fun.Rumored to have originated with the adoption

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This is a photo of the pictograph instructions on a restroom hand dryer. Instructions I thought of a couple of interpretations, which ones make the most sense to you? a)1) rub hands together under warm air until dry.2) angle vent

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Mullet fever

Call it what you will, Hockey Hair, The El Camino, Superman’s Cape, or the Nashville Bi-level, at the end of the day, a Mullet is what you’ve got. Business on top, party in the back. Mullet fever I spotted these

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You get SPAM. I get SPAM. We all do – and hopefully you have your spam filter set to accept email from me. This week I’m delighting in the top ten recent wacky subject lines from my filter. load bearing

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Censorship Can Be Fun

Oh Noooooo!Oh yes, censorship can be fun! In the olden days of Saturday Night Live, there was a little man made of Play-dough. His name was Mr. Bill. Every Saturday night, Mr. Bill, Mr. Bill’s dog Spot, and the always

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Fun with Search Engine Optimization

From time to time I teach classes on “search engine optimization“. I know what you’re thinking, “could Brian get any dorkier?” The answer to that question is of course, “YES! – oh sweet fancy Moses, Yes!” If you’ve ever taken

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Screaming Navel Fluff

This week: Screaming Navel Fluff The Wilhelm Scream It’s incredible, you hear the scream in movies and on TV, but it’s absolutely amazing how often that old sound effect gets used. It’s everywhere! Also: The world’s largest collection of navel

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