Yahoo! didn’t actually do this did they? Yes… they did.Thanks to Jonathan for the heads up! Apparently it came in a large box with a cut out for the over-sized button, and a slot for some other type of promotional …

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First Time I’ve had a borrowed vacuum cleaner from Jessica for the last year but today I purchased a new one. It’s one of those canister/HEPA-filter/bag-less/gyroscopic/whirlwind/tornado/hurricane types. I’ve been vacuuming semi-regularly all along, but once I put the new one …

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5 minutes and 40 seconds of wasted time.Watch the whole thing for the lame payoff, or scroll ahead to 5:09 to watch Napoleon and Bill dance. If you make videos for trade shows, please don’t do this.

Reading comics with my brother Chris today, he described a Garfield randomizer with the explanation, They’re not worse [than the actual Garfield comics]. Here’s the second random one I hit: Zen

Wow.Every now and then, I’m overwhelmed by the creativity of Christian minds trying to bring certain topics into discussion.Thanks to my friend Mikey – has my attention this week.Check out this first video.And then more if you’re interested.