Creepy Symmetry

OK – here’s a weird thing about my brain.

At lunch today I had an apple that was leaning off to one-side and I thought – hmm not very symmetrical.
Then I remembered a Newsweek Magazine article from about 15 years ago that described how symmetry had a lot to do with what we perceive to be beautiful. They showed actors’ and actress’ faces that were split up the middle and superimposed on the other side to show how symmetrical or not they were.

I haven’t found the article, but I did find a write-up about the article.
Write up referencing The Science of Beauty: Newsweek, June 3, 1996

OK – so then I thought to myself… huh… I wonder if my face is symmetrical or not… or how far off or what?

So then I made this…

Me – Right-side Symmetry – Left-side Symmetry

OK – that creeps me out a little.

And it turns out there’s a wacky symmetry tool out there that would have helped.

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  1. Apparently ;) God make you perfect, cause I don't see any difference.

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