Dairy Treat

It’s Summer time and that means ice cream. In Grand Haven, a lakeshore tourist community, that means you have plenty of choices. Today I’m talking about the Dairy Treat – at the request of my special guest requester – Brian.

Of all the gastronomic delights available, Brian had a hankering for a Rock Pile Shake. He said it was kinda like a blizzard but better.

When I arrived at the window I saw the slogan, “Home of the Rock Pile Shake”. I was pretty geared up! You get a choice of peanuts or pecans. Brian asked for peanuts so that’s what I got. I didn’t know what else might be in there and I don’t mind the adventure of an unknown. Brian hasn’t ever steered me wrong before, so I received my first Rock Pile with salivary glands at the ready.

There were strawberries clearly visible. I like strawberries. I like ice cream, I like peanuts, what could go wrong? (see my food rules for examples of what could go wrong)

I like bananas, but not really in things. This was a banana split in a blender. I ate the whole thing anyway just because I love Brian so much and wanted to honor his food request.


Brian also wanted me to visit Butch’s Beach Burritos (next blog post coming soon). I had to ask him if I should be worried about finding a banana covered in salsa hiding in there.

… maybe it’s just me.

PS – got something you want me to eat and blog about? Add your comment and let me know!

2 Replies to “Dairy Treat”

  1. First, let me state my extreme gratitude for venturing out to get a Rock Pile for me.

    I’m struggling to understand what’s not to love about the Rock Pile. In a close review of the Brian-Food Food Rules, I don’t see where the Rock Pile caused any violations. I’m right there with you on anything flavored with banana (truly worthy of a “nasty” rating). But small pieces of real banana used to accent a mixture of ice cream, strawberries, and nuts is something altogether different (and delicious, I might add).

    While I’m saddened that it wasn’t an enjoyable experience for you, I cannot apologize for the recommendation. I think this one is as your tag line suggests, just you. :-P

    Anxiously awaiting the Butch’s review …

  2. Okay – I’ll make this easy. Since you’re now in Grand Haven, I’d like a blog about Fricano’s Pizza Tavern (1400 Fulton St.).

    There are three requirements to this – one, you must go on a Friday or Saturday evening between 6:30pm and 8:30pm (and it shouldn’t be raining). Two, you must order a pizza (duh). Three, express your blog in regards to the pizza coupled with the atmosphere.

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