Dispense-a-lid Disaster

Dead dispense-a-lid
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The afternoon was moist…. even sultry when I entered the theater closest to my home in the South third of Kent County. The air was full of possibilities and one of them was for a good movie, a bucket of popcorn and a brimming $4 cup of flavored carbonated beverage. Superman Returns was on the docket for the toasting Sunday tea-time, boasting 95 degrees and 100% humidity. I enjoyed the movie regardless of what the critics said. The optimism associated with an afternoon movie was quickly quenched, not by the soda I would eventually imbibe, but the loss of hope and faith in humanity.

Vandalism reared it’s ugly hindquarters and produced a full moon in the direction of the Dispense-a-lid. I routinely marvel at the ingenuity and the “why did this take so long to invent” aspect of simple cover dealer. My coworkers, I’m sure, grow weary of my constant regaling of it’s wonders. This day, i wept softly to myself as I surveyed the wanton destruction at the self-serve counter.

Not only was this dispenser ripped off its hinges, but so was every “large” dispenser. Today, I’m embarrassed to live in the same vicinity as whoever perpetrated this heinous act.

…maybe it’s just me

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  1. As I mentioned in your last homage to the great and wonderful dispense-a-lid – if it’s not filled correctly then lids will not dispense correctly and alas…people get frustrated and it will become seriously broken. Culver’s is a prime example (did I mention that I don’t eat there?).

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