El Gigante

When you’re at a conference like this – where they don’t feed you as part of the deal, you need to go out. David and I ran into Tiffany from iStock Photo and we all agreed to go out for Italian. We located a place with our GPS that wasn’t too far away and we navigated our way directly to where it was supposed to be.

Instead we found Frontera Mex-Mex.
That’s right, “Mex-Mex”. Apparently these people hate Texas. We weren’t sure about it until, as we drove around the front, we saw the Mariachi band through the window. DONE! We are so eating there!

A softball team arrived not too long before we did, so that was another good sign. But the best sign for me was the one in the menu that read, “FREE T-SHIRT” “Burrito El Gigante.” Eat this 16-incher and win a t-shirt and if you’re still hungry, free dessert. Mamma… I’m home.

Of course I finished it – ate the free fried ice cream and smiled mockingly at the wait-staff.

And now I have this great t-shirt – and the sounds of a Mariachi band playing the Macarena stuck in my head.

… maybe I didn’t win after all.

5 Replies to “El Gigante”

  1. so apparently blogger cut off the first part of my comment. here’s how it started:

    “Wow, that’s a biggun. I can’t…”

  2. Dave and I were shocked and amazed. We spent the meal adding color commentary (a la golf tournement announcer style) It was way too much fun for one dinner. – Tiffani

  3. If I know Brian right, he left that little scrap of burrito just to spite them. And to give him something to stick the flag into.

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