I’m not a movie reviewer by trade, but I do go to a bunch of movies and I eat popcorn.

Tonight I went to see “Expelled”, a documentary about the oppression of even the words “intelligent design” if used in academia, the press, or politics. It’s a run-n-gun shoot showing Ben Stein interviewing leading scientists, thinkers and writers who have been fired, labeled, branded, and ostracized for mentioning intelligent design, along with dyed-in-the-wool Darwinist authors, teachers, and philosophers.
Big picture – Ben comes through the heavy Nazi, Communist, Berlin Wall, and Eugenics metaphors genuinely asking for open, free, debate on the topic of intelligent design as a way that Evolution (change over time) began.
My favorite detail – The Darwinists all agree, as did Darwin that life began with a single cell. There’s disagreement on where the cell came from. One scientist postulated that the cells piggy-backed on crystals. Another agreed that one way the cell got here was through seeding by another intelligent race of aliens. Clearly, he believed in the possibility of intelligent design, but not the possibility of a Judeo-Christian designer. Aliens “Yes”, God “No” – everyone got that? Yikes!

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  1. I saw a preview of this in December and remember thinking how closely we need to guard the freedom of inquiry. I think some Christians freak out if the questions asked are too deep or seem to deny who God is, or what he can do. Funny, but I think he’s big enough to handle our questions.

    I “had” to go the preview, expected to catch a nap, but was pleasantly surprised.

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