feeling sneaky

Is it wrong to bring one’s own food into a movie theater?
I’ve been going to movies most of my life and I’ve never seen a sign or anything. There really should be some big-ole “No outside food or drink” sign on the door if they want to enforce that. Often, when I go to the movies I bring my popcorn bucket and I smuggle drinks in. Sometimes I also have beef jerky or candy stuffed into my pockets. I’ve even gone as far as bringing in cheeseburgers. I’ve got a coat with big pockets to enable this surreptitious gastronomy. It makes me feel like Harpo Marx.

I’ve always believed it was somehow wrong to do this, but I did it anyway. On Wednesday, while enjoying the roller coaster ride that is King Kong (special effects suck early on, but get a lot better!), it occurred to me that there’s no sign or anything. How do I know you can’t bring in outside food? I decided that I’m going to keep doing it, but I’ll look more carefully for the sign, and enjoy the espionage.

maybe it’s just me…

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  1. There was a point, about six years ago, when Rachel and I used the same pop-cup over and over again at Studio 28. Since they offered free re-fills on pop, we bought one and used it on the next x-number of visits. Eventually, of course, the bottom of the cup became compromised, and we really couldn’t use it anymore. But it was a pretty good way at getting back at “the man” (who goes to my church).

    It’s also very convenient to be married when going to the movies. Rachel has any number of large purses, and we’re able to smuggle anything into the movies in its cavity.

    Finally: a warning. When at Cinemark at the Grandville mall, don’t even think about getting dinner from the food court and thinking that you’re able to bring it into the movie with you. I learned this the hard way. It was the fastest I’ve ever eaten Chow Mein and Sesame Chicken.

  2. One of my favorite stories like this is when Ryan H. went to the movies with his parents, and midway through, Ryan’s dad pulls out a sausage shaped ball of tin foil, and busts out some pickled bologna with crackers. You busting out the jerky at Lord of the Rings is up there too though.

  3. My ex also tried to bring in take-out Chinese one time. I was too embarrassed though and made him leave it in the car. I know what you mean though – somehow it feels like we aren’t supposed to bring in food that we didn’t buy at the theater, but every other business in the world that doesn’t want you to bring in outside food tells you so. So I guess if they aren’t going to tell me not to I’ll just keep doing it.

    Even better though is a theater that serves really great food! Adam and I love to go to this one theater in Anchorage (The Bear’s Tooth) that serves great pizza and beer right in the theater. There are tables and waiters bring it right out to you as you’re watching the movie. Even better is that the movies are only $3!

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