First Time

I’ve had a borrowed vacuum cleaner from Jessica for the last year but today I purchased a new one. It’s one of those canister/HEPA-filter/bag-less/gyroscopic/whirlwind/tornado/hurricane types. I’ve been vacuuming semi-regularly all along, but once I put the new one together, I gave it the once-around-the-joint tour. Here’s the damage from the first pass with the new fancy vacuum.

I feel so dirty.

2 Replies to “First Time”

  1. Vacillating between snickering and grossing out…but I think you should also be feeling quite clean (just until you vacuum again).

  2. When we first moved here, we left our vacuum at the house in Toledo. It was about a month before we finally bought our Dyson. I had to empty the cup 2 times before I was done.

    We have a cat.

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