Flavor of the Day

I don’t know where to go with this picture, but I had to share it.

I went to Culver’s, home of the butterburger and frozen custard. This sign was next to the counter and both confused and amused me for the rest of the evening.

Flavor of the Day:
Michigan Cherry Pecan
That sounds pretty good.

Is the next item a Michigan cherry pecan pineapple shake?

And what does that do for the green olives?

At the end of the day, I felt it necessary to share the fact that at some point, in some place, there was a sign that asked the perennial question, “How about some green olives?”

…maybe it’s just me.

Brian Atkinson

Brian is an international and inspirational speaker, consultant, and voice artist. Brian has served as the Director of Digital Communications at American Bible Society, and the Director of Digital Media at The Bible Gateway (Gospel Communications International). He has worked as a communications director, technology manager, church-planter, radio announcer, welder, and ice cream man. He has a lot of t-shirts.

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4 comments on “Flavor of the Day
  1. Avatar Morgan says:

    That is so brilliant.

  2. Avatar Heather says:

    Doesn’t everyone put green olives in their shakes? Maybe it’s just me…

  3. Avatar Rich Tatum says:

    Brian, I have to tell you: just reading your blog makes my blood sugar rise.

    It would be unhealthy for me to subscribe to this blog. Seriously.