going out on a limb

I’m tapping into my spiritual gift of prophesy here and calling ABC television’s Fall release “Cavemen” the worst idea for a television show ever.

Based on the GEICO pitchmen…
I really don’t think I need to write anything else about that do you? Special guest stars: the GEICO Gecko, the Aflac Duck, and in a bizarre twist, the Adams Family’s Thing returns to TV as the hands from Allstate.

Following trends, be sure to set your Tivo to record:
CBS – Elves – based on the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies mascots Snap, Crackle, and Pop who star as three best friends rooming together at college. Laugh your misshapen hats off as these three elves learn to get along in the modern day college co-ed environment. And you just might learn something if you’re not careful.

NBC – It’s Chad! – featuring Chad from the Alltel spots along with his pals from the other major carriers. A buddy comedy that tries to answer the question, what level Dungeon Master are you?

FOX – Beer Girls (working title) – a reality contest show involving the spokes-models from the last 3 years of beer ads.

CW – Clear Away – a young adult drama starring the kids from recent acne cream commercials. So fresh and squeaky-clean, you’ll barely notice all the cleavage and shirtless guys.

TBS – World’s Funniest Commercials, hosted by Kevin Nealon – Some programs are shown free of commercial interruption…but not this one! Tune in Wednesday night for the only show on television that consists entirely of commercial interruption.

So bad, I didn’t even need to make that one up.

So awful, a caveman would watch it.

2 Replies to “going out on a limb”

  1. I hope that I’m reading this wrong…you’re not disrespecting the spokesmodels, are you? Or Kevin Nealon?

    Why do I ask?
    1. Spokesmodels make people WANT to listen. This is an important communication rule.
    2. Though Kevin Nealon is a bit of a “has been” since SNL, he should still be respected for keeping a straight face during the sketch when he was a judge for Chris Farley/Patrick Swayze’s dance off. Really.

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