Gospel.com goes live

Normally this blog is relegated to the strange and wonderful things that I observe or that people send to me. Today I wish to depart momentarily from that format to brag about the place where I work just a bit and maybe for the first time help you understand a little of what I do for a living – which is only a little wacky.

I work at Gospel Communications International. My title is Manager of Alliance Development. The Alliance is a community of Christian organizations, banded together to make an impact for Christ online. I encourage our members to fully engage in doing their individual ministries online, rather than just run an online brochure about their ministry.

My company along with the alliance community launched a new site today.


It’s the content from the alliance sites bookmarked by them – and tagged with keywords which turn into topics. For example: apologetics.

It also dynamically creates micro-sites about each ministry. For example: mirthmobile.

Since it’s gone live just a few minutes ago – the search engines won’t index it quite yet, but in the near future when you do search for a topic contained in Gospel.com or one of our alliance members, gospel.com will have an enormous impact on those search results. That’s good news for our community, but it’s also good news for people who need help with the topics we cover – for example divorce – something I’ve recently experienced.

I’m so proud of everyone on our whole internet ministry team and everything they’ve done to make this new site a reality. Thanks everyone!