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The local and national news was all over this story today and I had to weigh in on it.

Steve Flaig and his biological mother Christine Tallady

This guy named Steve Flaig just found his birth-mother. I’m overjoyed for him and I’d love to talk to him about his experience. The goofy thing of course is that when he met her, he found out that they work together at Lowes.
Is God awesome or what?

My mother and me

Why I’m excited about it.

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  1. I am hoping my birth son can find me some day since I have been unable to make contact with him since his father remarried… but I doubt very seriously he will want to becuase I am sure they will tell him I am a good for nothing. What inspired you to find your mother? Did your other family get upset abut your choice to do so?

  2. Hey Anonymous,
    Thanks for your thoughts and excellent question. You can read my full story using the link above “why I’m excited about it” or use the navigation at the top of the page and click on Personal – and then Family Adoption story. You’ll find a small sketch of what happened in my life that motivated me, but more than anything it was the deep desire for that kind of connection. Since then, I’ve learned so much about how we are connected to our blood relatives in ways that adoption alone cannot replace.

    If your birth son is older, let’s say, in his 20’s at least, and he hasn’t reached out to you, you might reach out to him. Finding him might be surprisingly easy if you know his SSN. The IRS was very helpful to me in finding my mother, because the adoption agency who placed me, still had her number. A short letter to the IRS asking them to forward a letter on to the person with that number did the trick.

    I recommend you read this book before you start any search.
    “Adoptees Come of Age” by Ronald J. Nydam
    It’s a bit heady but can prepare you for the psychology that you may experience and so will your son.

    I’ll keep you in prayer.

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