I didn’t eat it

Thanks to Jonathan, he took one for the team.

I mean, we’ve all eaten Ramen at one time or another haven’t we? Sometimes they are very tasty and you get at least 100% of the USRDA of Sodium in one little package. Chicken, beef, and even vegetable flavors can bring a smile to the palete but this one is just wrong.

1) Shrimp
I’m absolutely certain that the shrimp are the same shrimp from the unsold Sea Monkeys of years gone by.

2) Lime
Are you kidding me?
Jonathan said that the flavor was “very limey” and by that he meant rather heavy on the lime.

3) Limon Flavor
Sprite Copyright infringement aside, I have to ask – which is it? Lime or Limon?

I don’t want to try this.
…maybe it’s just me.

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