I’m hilarious, and it’s not just me

Every now and then at work I chat with Max about the Reverend Fun cartoon. Today, he published one of my ideas.
I’m honored that he did that and gave me a little mention. I feel so special. Does this give validation to my often claim “I’m hilarious”? In and of itself, no, but if you combine it with all the other ways I’m hilarious, you’ll see what I mean. At the risk of jeopardizing my natural humility, I submit –

Other ways in which I’m hilarious:

Choice of greeting cards (if you’ve received a birthday card from me, you know what I mean)
Incontinence (I don’t have this problem, it’s just a funny word)
Dog named “Walter
There are probably more ways that I can’t think of right now.

This blog is about food though.

Tonight, I’m going to a wedding. There’s a reception and everything. My question today is, does anyone really like wedding cake? I’ve seen many couples spend so much time on a wedding cake; white cake with butter cream frosting, chocolate with raspberry filling, yellow cake soaked in espresso and covered in powdered sugar.
Why not wedding pie? Everybody likes pie right?
I prefer a “make your own sundae”. It’s a big hit, and you would be much happier.

Ok, maybe it’s just me…

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