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I love Jesus.
Seriously! I am a huge fan. I think that Jesus is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and so many of my loved ones. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you’re curious let me know: brianatkinson [at] mirthmobile.com

Anyway, since I’m such a fan of Jesus I’ve made it one of my missions to be an everyday marketer for Him. It’s one of the reasons I run this website. It’s also one of the reasons why stuff like this makes me sad, angry and cracks me up all at the same time. Is there any wonder why there has to be a blog dedicated to how bad church marketing can be?

Most Christians who are really sold-out for Jesus tend to express their passion in a variety of ways. Some sculpt, some make movies, some write books and essays. Unfortunately, some create painful art

Since we don’t have any photographs of Jesus, people try to create some kind of image that represents who Jesus is to them. I just can’t get behind this creepy Kenny Loggins in a tux version. Why did you have to paint this? Why?

This one was tough to pick out from the collection. I had a choice between this boxer with the gloves off and another in the ring, but with more of a WWF style to it. Jesus is no wimp. The man was a laborer, a carpenter, or some say more like a construction worker. He probably doesn’t resemble the emaciated blond guy they show in the movies. On the other-hand I don’t know if portraying Jesus as a bare-chested prize-fighter really captures the essence of the savior, even if you title the painting “Undefeated”.

Last but not least, the inked Jesus. What more can I say about this one? For my Roman Catholic brothers and sisters out there who place a traditional importance on the role of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, please don’t be offended by the “Father” tattoo on our Lord’s bicep. I’m sure there’s a renaissance Madonna on the other arm.

Thanks to my friend Stever for pointing these out to me.

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