keep on giving

ADD: the gift that keeps on giving.

Clearly this poor fellow missed the first day of marketing school where they taught people the three basics.
1) who is your customer?
2) what do you want your customer to do?
3) how do you spell “ad”?

It’s math, it’s medicine, it’s advertising

And that’s just plain awesome.

3 Replies to “keep on giving”

  1. This guy clearly looks like he has something wrong with him. No one with ADD is going to want to associate themselves with him!

  2. Obviously some people don’t know what A.D.D. is – while hundreds of thousands of adults suffer with Attention Deficit Disorder and wonder why they can become dysfunctional on the job, in social gatherings, or in really any situation without knowing why, you seem to be able to pick fun at us.

    Although I may find this person’s ad a bit putoffish, I appreciate his willingness to help people who otherwise may not be well equipped to handle their ADD.

    Looking over your site you seem to be a Christian…I guess I shouldn’t be astonished that a confessed Christ follower would make fun of what he knows nothing about.

  3. Well, clearly I’m not making fun of A.D.D. if that were the case I’d clearly be a cad.

    What I am doing is making fun of the ad, not the A.D.D.

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