Leaving Bob Evans

No more Bob Evans in Muskegon for me.
I had lunch there today (please make it stop) for only the second time since going to work (oh the pain) for gospelcom last September. Without getting graphic (really really graphic), that’s it, I’m done (please stop). Not going there any more.

Also – they were handing out printed copies of the business card hoax email and trying to collect business cards. They didn’t want to hear my opinion of that. I think that alone qualifies the Muskegon Bob Evans for a special “finger”.

Family Update – thanks everyone for your prayers
My mom is back at her home in Gulfport again. Her house has just a few shingles missing. The power is on and the water works, but they can’t use anything from the faucet without a ton of chlorine. She’s working at the hospital in 24 hour shifts and has invited some people to stay with her. Not all members of Coast Cardiology staff are accounted for yet.

Dave is off to school farther north in Mississippi, so he’s in the clear. Bruce is still picking up the pieces of his school system.

Mom’s number-one comment is that the news photographs and video just don’t do the carnage justice. I imagine that you miss the 3D effect.

maybe it’s just me…