Let’s Get Some Chinese

I’ve lived in the Philadelphia area for about 2 1/2 years. I have yet to find any really great Chinese food. That is until now.

My friends Sam and Beca took me to Han Dynasty.
They have two menus.
Stay away from the Americanized menu. Order from it and prepare to be mocked.

The Authentic Chinese menu is amazing.
You will not find this menu on their website.
Go to one of their locations and don’t be afraid.
The staff can recommend some good stuff.

There were leftovers.
And this is where my critical error occurred.

I’ve called this experiment “Eggs of Fire.”
You see, the leftovers from my dinner included about half of the hot peppers from the dish.
I tossed them in a pan got them sizzling and added some eggs. Then, against the advice of family, friends, the Surgeons General of the last 100 years, and a guy I met on the street, I ate it all.

Oh the delicious pain.
It really was tasty, but I cried.
A lot.
I’ve never abused my body with drugs, alcohol, tobacco or tattoos – but I do attempt to turn this temple into a fire station with spicy food.
I cried for an hour.
My eyes poured forth tears streaming down my cheeks. (clearly, I live alone)

The worst part was my morning constitutional. (’nuff said)
As my old friend Paul (he’s Chinese) and I used to say:
Brian: Hey, let’s get some Chinese.
Paul: Yeah! Let’s get ’em!!!!

I kinda want to go over there again now and “get ’em”. I think they deserve some sort of comeuppance for allowing me to take all of that fire home. I love Han Dynasty, but I also hate it at the same time.

…maybe it’s just me?