Macaroni and Cheese 6pc

Yes that’s right gentle reader, a 6 piece of macaroni and cheese. I’m picturing 6 noodles laden with cheese.
As it turns out they are actually those mac-n-cheese bites. Breaded and fried Macaroni and Cheese.
Can life get any better than this?
I submit that it cannot.

Unless of course you can tell me what Bosco sticks are.

…maybe it’s just me?

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  1. According to Wikipedia:
    Bosco Sticks are a brand of cheese-filled frozen breadsticks which are popular among institutional cafeterias and foodservice organizations. Manufactured by the Bosco Pizza Company, Bosco Sticks are sold via distributors in a frozen state and must be baked prior to consumption. The Bosco Pizza Company recommends that Bosco Sticks be topped with butter and parmesan cheese after baking, although compliance with this recommendation varies from establishment to establishment. Most establishments that sell Bosco Sticks do not in fact use butter, and instead coat the sticks with various oil-based substances, possibly mixed with garlic or herbs. Bosco Sticks are frequently sold with marinara dipping sauce.

    Centainly not healthy, but sounds good to me!

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