Mmmm… (cough!) Burger…

Muskegon has provided us with yet another culinary… moment. Let’s just say, moment shall we?

The Bee Bopp in 50’s diner

Don’t get me started on the name. This little diner has been an ice cream store for a while and this fall they’ve opened it up as a 50’s style diner. So what does 50’s style mean?

Art Deco? – nope
Blue plate specials? – nope
Waitresses on roller skates? – nope
Milk shakes served in the stainless steel mixing tins? – nope

Unfortunately this 50’s diner means smoking. I don’t mean, “wow, it was so good that it was ‘smoking’!” oh no. I’m talking about cigarette smoke and lots of it. They seem to have an all-you-can-breathe special going on. It might be that they are next door in the same building to a tobacconist but it really seems like it’s too strong to come from next door. I expected to step into the back and find the cook, dishwasher and waitress all puffing away. The other customers clearly knew what they were getting into and came prepared with their own brands to add to the ambience.

The burger pictured above was very good. Double meat, double bacon, double cheese. I’ve scheduled the colonoscopy and and angioplasty.

Get one to go.

… maybe it’s just me?