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The ubiquitous “They” have put in a new semi-fast-food joint in town called “Moe’s Southwest Grill”. The wikipedia entry just doesn’t do it justice.

They’ve got a great theme going. Everybody yells “welcome to Moe’s” as you walk in. The bathroom doors (pictured) are “he-moe’s” and “she-moe’s”. And that’s not the end of it.

It’s a Burrito place. If you’ve been to Q’doba or Chipotle, you get the idea. My favorite part about going to Moe’s is the pop-culture quiz you find yourself in the middle of as you read the menu.

The Homewrecker
Joey Bag of Donuts
Art Vandalay

The Full Monty
The Other Lewinsky
The Ugly Naked Guy

Sherman Klump
John Coctostan
I Said Posse

Billy Barou

Pinky Tuscadero
Close Talker

And possibly my favorite…
El Guapo’s IN-famous salsa.

They also have real sweet-tea. (there are now 2 chain eateries in Grand Rapids with sweet-tea)

The steak and chicken are marinated and are deligtfully tasty!

… maybe it’s just me