Movie Popcorn

Movie Popcorn

Just in case you haven’t ever been to a theater with a refillable popcorn bucket, I need to explain.

You see, you buy this bucket, then you fill it up with popcorn as much as you want until the bucket expires. I pretty much quit buying popcorn at the grocery store once I got my bucket. Although, I do keep a few bags of microwave corn around for emergencies.

There are two major buckets around these parts.

Bucket #1 – good at any of the theaters in this particular chain. Festooned with a recent movie ad, the bucket is good for about 5 months (December to April or May to November). This bucket goes for $37. That’s pretty pricey, but you get a $20 gift card with the bucket and the last two times I’ve bought one the cashier asked if I wanted to redeem the gift card toward the purchase of my bucket… seriously. So, now it’s $17. With that I also get $12 worth of coupons toward concessions, and I’m a sucker, so I get those over the course of time. So, at the end of the day, I’m paying $5 for 5 months worth of popcorn.

Bucket #2 – good at just the one theater in Grand Haven, where I live. It’s $10 and good for 6 months this year, and 6 months next year. You buy another bucket to cover the other 6 months of the two years. So, $20 gets you 24 months of popcorn.

They’ve got you hooked.
OK… maybe it’s just me.

Brian Atkinson

Brian is an international and inspirational speaker, consultant, and voice artist. Brian has served as the Director of Digital Communications at American Bible Society, and the Director of Digital Media at The Bible Gateway (Gospel Communications International). He has worked as a communications director, technology manager, church-planter, radio announcer, welder, and ice cream man. He has a lot of t-shirts.

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