Mullet fever

Call it what you will, Hockey Hair, The El Camino, Superman’s Cape, or the Nashville Bi-level, at the end of the day, a Mullet is what you’ve got. Business on top, party in the back.

I spotted these the other day at a local diner. You can be sure I’ll return for seconds!

I’ll admit I had one in varying degrees from 1983 until about 1996, possibly longer. At the time I thought I was pretty cool. Now, I look at these and want to go back in time with a pair of scissors and a warning. Oh younger Brian, I have so much to teach you.

Did anyone else see the short-lived TV show?

2 Replies to “Mullet fever”

  1. Oh my! Were you at the Red Geranium? I must say I haven’t ran into that crowd there yet. Only the older generation so far.

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