New Year Foreshadowing

I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. I went out to my car this morning – headed to church – and when I clicked my little key fob to unlock the doors, the alarm went off. At first, I thought it was because I pushed the wrong button, but then I realized that there was something wrong.
Something very wrong.
There’s glass all over the place.
Someone tried to break into my car last night and was successful – with a brick. Half of the brick is sitting outside the car, and half of it is inside. In this picture you can see the dents they made in the door frame near the top when they must have been throwing that brick over and over. These would-be thieves also have bad aim.
I had my new GPS and my iPod in plain site. Yes, I’m that dumb. I’m grateful that they didn’t actually take anything. Since they were successful at eventually breaking into the MirthMobile, but didn’t take anything, I’m guessing that the alarm did go off and scare them away. That would also explain why the alarm sounded when I tried to unlock the car at the beginning.
Now some thankful moments…
1) Thanks to Tiffany over at Progressive. She was very nice and made the process of reporting my claim easy.
2) Thanks to Officer Brian Barry from the Kentwood Police Department for coming around and making the police report easy.
3) I’m thankful that they didn’t take anything.
Now some dork moments…
1) There’s snow all around the carport – meaning that indeed there are footprints in the snow leading to and leading away from my car.
2) I mocked myself for the CSI-type of thoughts I had.
3) I’m pretty sure that the foot prints are from Converse sneakers, about a men’s size 9.
I shared my self mocking with Officer Brian and he also mocked me… “We can probably get some casts of these prints… naaaaahhh”


6 Replies to “New Year Foreshadowing”

  1. This isn’t looking good for me.

    Fact 1.) I have terrible aim.

    Fact 2.) I wear a size nine.

    Fact 3.) I already have a GPS and an iPod.

    Fact 4.) December 30th, I was at home…. for sleep.

    The only thing I have in my defense is that I wouldn’t need to use a brick because already have a car window emergency hammer that my father-in-law gave me for Christmas back in November.

    …but I don’t know where it is.

  2. Look, smithers, a bird has become petrified and lost it’s sense of direction!

  3. Oh man, that just sucks. Sorry this happened to you. Been there, done that, pissed me off. I hate thieves.

    On the bright side, I’m with you on Progressive. I’ve been with them since State Farm dropped me after I totaled my car (first and only claim in 14 years and they drop me like a hot potato) and they’ve been a dream.

    Enjoying your blog!

  4. Oh Brian, this is so sad. Glad you are able to find the humor in it though. Hope the MirthMobile gets fixed soon! Happy New Year!

  5. Oh man that stinks.

    Hide your goodies, man!

    When my wallet got stolen and my credit cards were used at Meijer at 2 specific times, I wanted the police to look over security footage and see if we could recognize anyone from the neighborhood – but they simply said they have much more serious offenders to catch. Would have been fun, though!

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