not dead yet

I’ve been listening to the local radio station in Grand Haven. It’s small-town and full of delightful little nuggets that you just don’t get at the big stations. I worked on the air for about 12 years and I fondly recall the goofy things I had to do. Some examples from my career:

  • weekly psychic/astrologer call-in show
  • remote broadcasts in the mobile studio van…
  • at a car dealership, from 5:30-10 AM, and the dealer didn’t open until Noon
  • at a TCBY for an entire week
  • in a city park on Saturday night from 7-Midnight
  • at a movie theater, in a mall, from a pay-phone, on a Tuesday night
  • commercial for a Mexican restaurant featuring blatant racial stereotypes
  • horrible commercial read live on the air by a business owner

However, yesterday I heard something new. It seems that my local station includes the reading of the obituaries column as part of their news broadcast. If that weren’t creepy enough, here’s what I heard yesterday:

Well… there are no new obituaries to share with you today… so… we’ll be back with more news after this:
(commercial) “Would your family be properly cared for if something happened to you?…”

Then I had to pull over as the rest of the life insurance commercial played.