Oh Baby

Sometimes the sign outside a restaurant tells you what’s served inside. Sometimes it doesn’t.

I know that inside KFC they are not serving withered old southern gentlemen, and I pray that inside this place they are not serving the other-other white meat. Why is there a picture of a baby on this sign?

Baby Face Buffet


Wok-N-Roll the Buffet-N-Grill
Chinese & American Food

Notice that it’s not Chinese-N-American food.

Dave and Paul were getting impatient with me while I took the picture.

It’s your basic Chinese buffet, with a smattering of raw items for the grill at the end of the line. Nothing about the food is remarkable, but that sign… oh baby.

… maybe it’s just me?

2 Replies to “Oh Baby”

  1. Unfortunately it is now closed. But… The sign is still up! Hilarious! We're jealous you got to actually eat there.

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