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Dateline Los Angeles, California: home of themed restaurants and Knotts Berry Farm. I’ve got a view of both from my hotel window as I wait for Godblogcon to get started.

I’m traveling with Andy, our designated blogger, and we’re safely ensconced in the Buena Park Holiday Inn, complete with wi-fi. Last night, Andy’s sister Becky drove up from the San Diego area to visit with her brother and I got to join them for dinner at The Claim Jumper.

I enjoyed the “Cowboy Steak” – how can you pass on anything with the word “cowboy” in it? It was a delightfully aged NY Strip topped with some very spicy salsa with lots of cillantro. The salsa was placed on the steak while cooking, so it really sunk in and brought some extra tastiness to an already flavorful and tender slab of meat.

The lemonade was exceptional – fresh with a sprinkling of sugar on the rim and a sprig of mint. Well done!

I had to hold off and avoid the “ore cart” an item on the menu that I’m sure is served in an ore cart that you might find in an old-west silver mine of some kind. There were at least three entres listed in the description. I also did not have a slice of the 6-layer chocolate decadence cake. (shudder)

One note regarding the “children’s menu” at The Claim Jumper. There’s a children’s menu for kids under 10 and a “Juniors menu” which according to the legend is “great for young people and seniors”. That had me laughing for a while.

… maybe it’s just me

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  1. My favorite item on the menu at Clementine’s in South Haven, MI is called “The Claim Jumper.” What does that even mean?

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