Every 4th of July, for several years, I’ve gone to the Graafschaap (just south of Holland, MI) volunteer fire dept. pancake breakfast fundraiser. It’s pancakes, sausage, butter, syrup, nasty orange juice, and milk (2% or chocolate).

Pancakes are great, make no mistake, but seriously – people line up out the door for this thing.

I’m starting to recognize people I don’t know based on their outfit. Yes, I’m implying that some people wear the same red-white-and-blue paraphernalia every year.

the mother in-law

There’s one woman who really looks like Jane Fonda. (Not the “workout” Jane, but the recent “monster in-law” Jane.

Please everyone out there, makeup should look natural. If I can see your makeup, then you are doing it wrong.) Anyway – she wears a flag. OK, it’s a shirt that looks like it was made out of a flag. It’s not good.

But the pancakes are pretty good, and it’s all you can eat. What a better way to celebrate the bloody way our country declared it’s independence from socialized medicine, high taxes, tea and crumpets, than to spend the rest of the day in a carbohydrate induced coma.

maybe it’s just me?