Peanut Butter Banana dogs

So what you do is split a hot dog down the middle and warm it up. Bologna works in this, but bacon is best. The hot dog was a little improvisation.
Then a banana and put it all on a hot dog bun spread with peanut butter.
So good.

Peanut buttery, melty, banana-ey, salty, meaty…

… maybe it’s just me?

5 Replies to “Peanut Butter Banana dogs”

  1. Yeeeah… I gotta agree with Sylvia. This time maybe it is just you.

    Ruth’s a big banana fan… maybe she’d go for it… but then again, she’s not a big hotdog fan, so maybe not.

  2. There are few things I won’t try, but even I draw the line at Peanut Butter Banana Dogs. Blech.

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