Pi Day

Each March 13 (3.14) I find it a moral imperative to celebrate Pi day with Pie!
This year, I made pie!

Yes, I unrolled the refrigerated crust and placed it in the pie plate. Then I opened the cans of pie filling and put the contents into the crust. Then I unrolled the other pie crust and placed it over top of the filling. Fluted the edges, cut the Pi symbol to vent it, and brushed with egg white to give it a finish. Whew! Exhausting!

…maybe it’s just me?

Brian Atkinson

Brian Atkinson is a comedian, voice actor, MC, and former radio personality. His sharp, smart comedic style has been a hit at clubs, corporate events, and festivals across the country including Bonkerz, Dr. Grins, Sunday Night Funnies, Punchlines and Gilda’s Laugh Fest. You can find his audio books on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Brian and his lovely wife Holly live in Grand Rapids and he has a lot of t-shirts.

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