Relational Messaging

My favorite way to help people connect to your brand is through relational messaging. For some organizations this is difficult, because you have to consistently care about your audience. I mean really, really care. You must provide them with the best answers to their needs, even if it’s not you. That builds trust. That keeps your audience loyal.

social media post volume
your social media post volume reflects how much you care for your fans

Relational messaging keys:

  • Relationships built on genuine care build trust.
  • Emotional connections make your brand more distinctive.
  • Nurturing your fans (them, not your fans’ perceptions about you) creates loyal brand advocates.

With those in place, you are reaching people and their needs right where they are . Then you become one of their trusted sources that they recommend to others. In the 21st century your fans’ peer-to-peer recommendations are what makes your brand viral and viable.