Rotten things part 1

My office is not a fun place to work right now. In an attempt to get some funding together, I worked with our advancement (a goofy word for fundraising) staff and came up with a wiz-bang of a letter to a select audience.

Then things changed again.

Then we couldn’t send out the letter. So, we had to shred them. Jon came up with the bright idea to feed them into the shredder en-masse. He used this funky little staple-less stapler to connect all the letters together. Then we fed them into the shredder in a big-ole paper train.

That made the office fun again for a while. I hear we might be getting ice-cream sandwiches soon.

One Reply to “Rotten things part 1”

  1. Can I be really petty and thank God that others have rotten days and want them to be over? Sorry about your rotten days – part 1 and 2…maybe you need a benefactor to send you a box of candy!

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