Rotten things part 2

Whilst installing an upgrade for an operating system, I inadvertently closed my laptop, putting it to sleep. I honestly forgot it was going on until I was half-way home. When I tried to fire it up again the computer was pretty unhappy.

So, I tried to rescue the OS with the install CD. After about 90 minutes, I got this message in the picture:

That was not good.

So, I tried a few more things for a while and finally did a clean install and restored the data from a week-old backup. Not horrible, but not great either.

Also, the fan makes a horrible noise.

One Reply to “Rotten things part 2”

  1. So what I hear you saying is that a Mac also gets angry when something is done to it that really shouldn’t have been done…

    True conversation recently overheard at a local Best Buy…

    Geek Squad Dude: Tell me again what you did when the laptop stopped working?

    20 something female: I simply closed the lid.

    Geek Squader: But you told me before you were installing updates.

    20 something woman: Well yes…

    Geek Squad dude: …and then you closed the laptop before confirming the updates were completed.

    20 something woman with a distant look: ???…???…But that shouldn’t have done this.

    Geek Squadly: Well unfortunately laptops do stop working when their lids are closed. Did you sign up for Dell’s online backup feature that comes with their laptops? All of our Dell Laptops go through the Dell Best Buy store and that online backup is complimentary.

    20 something ewe with a dazed and confused expression: ???……

    At that point I needed to move away from the from of the store or I’d break out in fits of laughter. But it’s nice to know that OS.X and Vista have the same basic flaws…So at this point, I’m sticking with XP Pro.

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