shooting stuff

shooting stuff

I’ve never been one for guns. I staunchly support very strict handgun control.

I honestly didn’t know it could be this much fun.

My friend and co-worker Matt is getting married on Saturday, and this was event #1 of the bachelor party. We also went to dinner.

A group of guys – each renting or bringing a different firearm to the target range gives you the opportunity to try a bunch of different stuff. I have even more respect for the seriousness of weapon ownership now than I did before – having felt the recoil of a 357 Magnum, felt the easy squeeze of a 9mm and a .40 caliber. The M-16 (pictured) on the other-hand is what my friend TJ and I rented and it was easily the highlight of the shooting-fest.

Where’s my NRA membership card?

And no, I did not make all of those bullet holes in the ceiling.

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  1. Correction – the weapon I’m holding and had the fun of firing is not an M-16, but an AR-15.