A short list

Today I present this short list of random wackiness.
Please note that the items in this list are a bit of a departure from the usual wackiness. They are a little blue.

1) The dumbest spam message about, um… well aren’t all spam messages about this?

“Make sure you have enough room in your car if you plan on enlarging your ____ …”

Am I the only one getting these messages then?

2) The Wackiest video I’ve seen lately – Thanks Paul.
Neither I nor this website condones cheating on one’s spouse. That is a really bad idea.

3) One for you cat haters – Mr. Marbles the prop dead cat
Please note, this is not a real cat – just a prop.

One Reply to “A short list”

  1. While funny, you were right about your list – it is blue. I’m not sure that blue is a good color for you…might I suggest something in the signature shade of teal?

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