Skyline time!

If you’ve never been to Cincinnati, or any of the other places where they have Skyline Chili, you need to make the time to go.

What’s this cadre of cheese covered dishes, and who’s that guy?

This is my brother Chris enjoying his first 5-way, while my 3-way and pair of cheese coneys appear in the foreground. Now before you get all bent out of shape trying to figure out what a 3-way or a 5-way is, I’ll explain.

3-Way: steaming spaghetti, covered with chili and a mound of shredded cheddar cheese.

4-Way: A 3-Way with diced onions OR red beans.

5-Way: A 3-Way with diced onions AND red beans.

Cheese Coney: a hot dog with mustard, covered with chili, diced onions and a mound of shredded cheddar cheese.

Chris and I met up in Cincinnati, a good halfway point for both of us. Our first stop had to be Skyline. Even though there was a White Castle right there in the parking lot of the hotel.

One odd thing about Skyline is that there was one in Muskegon, just up the street from my office. My coworkers and I visited often (understatement) when suddenly, it was gone. The building was still there, but a sign on the drive-thru window read that they had closed due to circumstances beyond their control. They reopened shortly thereafter as a Gyro place. Oh Muskegon, why must you devour, swallow, and spit out the best restaurants? Why must you torture me??

But I digress.

Visit Skyline’s website – just don’t click on the “Nutrition” link. You don’t really want to know…. or maybe that’s just me?