SkyMall never lets me down

If you ever travel by commercial airliner, you know about SkyMall. It’s that rather thick tome in the seat pocket in front of you that hawks untold useless junk that no one should ever own.

However, my recent trip to Minneapolis revealed the worst one yet. Right there on page 6 was the TimeMug.

The TimeMug!
Does it let you travel through time as you sip a bracing cup of joe?
Does it save time within its cavernous maw?
Does it help you tell time in a clutch?
Not so much….

The time mug is the world’s first and ONLY 100% dishwasher safe, time-telling drinkware!

To the giant brains behind the TimeMug: there’s a reason why it’s the first and only.

One Reply to “SkyMall never lets me down”

  1. You know what’s sad? I read the SkyMall and think “Wow, what a great idea. Why didn’t I think of that?” I have even been tempted to make a purchase. Thanks for setting me straight Brian! :)

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