So Thirsty

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I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I was feeling a bit dehydrated. So, thank goodness the floor of my office was covered in little cups of water when I came in this morning.

Thanks Angie!

Angie has been the summer intern here at the office, and I’ve made it my duty to sneak up behind her when she’s “nose to the grindstone” in her cubicle and scare the crap out of her. That’s been fun. She has discovered that sneaking up and scaring me doesn’t work. (quit wearing the high-heels – I can hear you coming a mile away)

Yesterday was her last day in the office and it’s been explained to me that she took her own time to punch out at the end of her day and fill my cube with dixie cups, and tie my chair to the desk, phone to the lamp – to the pencil cup.

I love a good practical joke, especially when it’s played on me. I hope that’s not all she did. While it was time consuming, and shows spunk, the only consequences will be devine retribution.

Angie – I know where you go to school. I have friends on staff. Don’t think “if” – start wondering “when”.

… maybe it’s just me.

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  1. Count me amused.

    You’re a good sport about it, too. But just so you don’t get your hopes too high about retribution of the divine kind, I think God might be laughing *with* her right now.

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