Social Networking Content Strategy

Let’s talk about your social networking content strategy.The key to any successful venture in social media, social networking and any digital endeavor is relevancy. You’re either providing content relevant to your audience, or you need to figure out what they want and then deliver it. (watch the video)

Ask your audience. Any audience has things they care about – find out what’s on their mind and then provide content that answers the questions they’ve got.

Check out these facebook insights when we ramped up relevant content for a week and then went back to posting the company line. The audience even hung in there for a whole week before they dropped off to the engagement levels prior to using relevant content.

With relevant content, you get an increase in your page likes whether your page is medium, large or a super-sized page. And it works on small pages too.

You get an increase in your post-level comments – where you see people really understanding what you’re doing and joining in.

And sharing goes up – that’s where the viral stuff really takes off. See how a year ago sharing was barely measurable on all three pages?

You’ll really see the change in your weekly status emails.

So – go for it, figure out what your audience cares about and start making things happen.